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  • Morecom Cloud Centrex provides all the functionally of a traditional telephone system with advanced features that make communicating with your staff, customers and suppliers easy.Morecom Cloud Centrex puts you in control.
  • Quick and easy to install, with no capital outlay,
  • You can easily review call data, add users, divert calls and see who is available
  • Instant Messaging, Presence and click to call enable you to easily see who is available and connect with them
  • Hunt Groups and wall boards help you manage and monitor your inbound calls and for group communications
  • Screen sharing, web and audio conferencing and can be used on desk phones, smartphone, tables and PC’s to optimise productivity
  • HD quality Voice to assure quality
  • The easy to use portal enables Company administrators and Site administrators to view team activity and make real time changes
  • Built in Disaster Recovery serviced by BT Wholesale

From a small business, to larger corporates, you'll be sure to benefit from this industry leading phone service. Some of our most popular features include call recording, call monitoring, conferencing and interactive voice response ( or IVR). There's even a fax to email service for those occasions when only a fax will do.

A cloud phone system, or hosted PBX as it's otherwise known, has many advantages over traditional on-site phone systems. We understand that to compete in today's world, your business needs to be able to respond rapidly to increases in demand. That's why we have designed our cloud PBX solution with agility in mind.

Within a matter of minutes you can increase the capacity of your service and meet the demands of your business that same day. And with the benefits in efficiency and productivity that new technology brings, a hosted PBX system in the Morecom Cloud will also reduce call costs and bring down monthly service charges.

With no hardware requirements beyond your choice of software or hardware phones, we can help you to keep costs down if that's a priority for your business. And if you have multiple sites or offices, then you'll straight away benefit from connecting multiple office locations to a single cloud PBX. You'll then be enable to make free calls between offices, transfer calls from one site to another and set up conference calls when you want to bring people together.